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Benefit from our super affordable wholesale prices! Discover top-quality at attractive rates. Our offers are always tailored to the needs of our customers, guaranteeing an outstanding value for money. Dive into a shopping experience where quality and price go hand in hand.

Secure payment

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With PayPal Express you can pay by PayPal balance, credit card, direct debit immediately or direct debit after 14 days. You can also pay via PayPal PLUS (even without your own PayPal account) by direct debit, credit card or invoice. You enjoy the buyer protection of PayPal.

Best advice

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Do you have a question about a product or your order? Contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you. You can also reach us by telephone on +49 (0) 4192 8919083 or in our online chat during our business hours.

Shipping cost calculation

We would like to explain the reasons for our shipping costs transparently:

  1. Quality Packaging: For secure transport, we use high-quality packaging materials that guarantee product protection.
  2. Fair Compensation: Our employees receive appropriate remuneration, ensuring the careful packaging of your orders.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: Due to stricter environmental regulations, packaging costs have increased. We bear these costs to act sustainably.
  4. General Price Increases: Various factors, such as energy and transport costs, affect the final price of shipping.
  5. Return Costs: Unfortunately, we have to take into account returns and the associated costs.

We always strive to maintain a balance between fair costs and quality service. We appreciate your understanding and your loyalty.

Minimum quantity surcharge

What is the Minimum Quantity Surcharge?

For orders below 30.00 Euros, we impose a surcharge of 3.00 Euros. This allows us to offer better prices on smaller items.

How do you benefit from it?

By purchasing low-cost items in larger quantities or along with higher-value products, you save money as this reduces our internal costs. This allows us to lower the prices of these items. However, for single orders of these inexpensive items below 30.00 Euros, the minimum quantity surcharge applies. Therefore, it is worthwhile to purchase these items in combination or in larger quantities.